Challenge – Existing Sitecore CDN connector available at click here is not working with Sitecore 7.2


Follow below steps –

  1. Download source code from github
  2. Open this source code in visual studio. Go to project properties and update target framework to .Net framework 4.5zProject Property
  3. Update reference of below DLLs in this project to use new  DLLs from Sitecore 7.2
    1. HtmlAgilityPack
    2. Sitecore.Kernel
  4. Build the project and you should be all set to use this connector

In case of multisite environment you have to take care of 2 points –

  1. Update site name in sites patch define in config file SitecoreCDN.config


  1. If you are using SiteDefinition.config to manage multiple sites then make sure SitecoreCDN.config execute after SiteDefinition.config file. One thing you can do is update name of SitecoreCDN.config by adding prefix “Z” like ZSitecoreCDN.config

CDN Sitecore connector package for Sitecore 7.2 can be downloaded from here

Conclusion – Existing CDN Sitecore connector contains reference of old DLLs  and .net framework. By updating reference it will start working with latest Sitecore version