Sitecore User Group Jaipur Successfully Launched


The First Meetup organized by Sitecore User Group Jaipur

SUGJPR or the Sitecore User Group Jaipur organized their first ever technical meetup in Jaipur on November 19, 2016 from 2 p.m.-6p.m. at Hotel Sarovar Portico, Vaishali Nagar. The entire event was sponsored by Unicolumn Software Private Limited, which is a digital agency established in 2011 and a pioneer in the field of Sitecore development.


The founders talked about why they have come up with SUGJPR. And the reason is to foster use of Sitecore development. The platform aims to connect developers and people who have interest in learning new tips and tricks about Sitecore development.

Founders –

Topics and Presentations – 

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ – How you can own experience (Presented by Jagmohan Rathore Sitecore MVP 2017) 

The meetup event started with a presentation on Introduction to Sitecore where we explore the power of Sitecore and learn Features and talked about the need of using a CMS, what Sitecore is, how it brings a lot of opportunities for developers, content writers as well as marketers. The features, which make it such a desirable asset for large enterprises were also talked about such as managing multiple websites, using content between different websites, multi-lingual, drag and drop functionality, SEO optimization, automated deployment, easy integration of APIs, AB testing, Sitecore Analysis, etc.

The idea was to make the audiences aware of what Sitecore CMS is and how its ample amount of features could actually be very beneficial for your businesses.

Getting started with Sitecore – Building A Very Simple Website (Presented by Mahendra Shekhawat and Gaurav Agarwal) –

Basic of Sitecore installation, configuration and tuning of Sitecore in .NET environment, design and implement templates & layouts for a very simple website. Both gave a demo on how to build a website using Sitecore, which involved the basic functionality of the platform, hosting and accessing tools.

Networking Break -

The SUGJPR meetup event included a short networking break where students, developers, core organizers and others from the audience took some time to interact and connect with each other while enjoying snacks with tea or coffee.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) (Presented by Vipin Banka)-

Later in the day, Vipin Banka, Solution Architect at Unicolumn and a Sitecore certified .NET developer 6.0, introduced Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to the audience. He also gave a detailed demo on the installation process and use of SXA among developers and content editors

Whats Next?

Next meet up is plan in the first quarter of 2017, So please stay tune and join us on Meetup –


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