Fletcher Quimby is just one of the a few deuteragonists from A great

N.T. Farm. He’s good 14 year-old aesthetic genius and you can dilettante, skilled throughout news in addition to color, statue, and drawing. The guy fulfilled Chyna for her first day within Webster Highest, and soon turned into the woman buddy. But not, he deeply set-up close thinking for her despite its friendship. Fletcher has actually issues staying their break a secret when he always have incorporating the girl on their ways. Fletcher had over her even when, and then have old Olive (who the guy stated that he enjoyed much better and confessed his fascination with) by undesired but they break up (temporarily) from the ny experiANTs when Fletcher must proceed to Ny to get an art resident. Fletcher are depicted because of the Jake Quick.

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4 Trivia5 Relationships5.1 Chyna Areas (closest friend/ex-girlfriend/you to time)5.2 Olive Doyle (best friend/ex-girlfriend/crush)5.3 Kumiko Hashimoto (ex-girlfriend)5.4 Violet (former pal/admirer)5.5 Paisley Houndstooth (friend/crush)6 Gallery


Fletcher is an enthusiastic excitable, accident-prone, and creative child with an effective cheeky sense of humor. Despite the fact to be crash-susceptible, he has got a great discomfort threshold peak ( PatANT Pending, Dancing DANTser, TrANTsferred. ). Continue reading