Pumas, Panthers & Cougars: Information about America’s Huge Cats

Patagonian pumas kill to 50 % a great deal more target than its Northern Western counterparts, considering cougar biologist Draw Elbroch

New puma ‘s the larger cat of one’s Americas. At one time, it varied in the Yukon inside the Canada into the Strait away from Magellan during the suggestion out of South usa.

Actually, there are many than 80 labels to your puma, so much more names than any other animal, depending on the publication “Cougar: New Western Lion,” by the Kevin Hansen. You should note, whether or not, one to pumas are not bobcats, lynxes, jaguars, cheetahs otherwise leopards.

Generally speaking, pumas shall be acquiesced by a tan otherwise some yellow coat, round face, long-tail and you may erect ears. Adult males build so you can 5 to 9 ft (1.8 to 2.4 m) much time and you may ladies average 5 to seven feet (step 1.5 so you can 2.step 1 m). Men generally consider 110 to help you 180 pounds. (fifty so you’re able to 82 kilograms) and the lady 80 to 130 lbs. (thirty six so you can 59 kilogram). A great puma’s end is almost so long as its direct and human anatomy combined.

Pumas can comply with numerous types of environments and you will habitats. He could be located throughout Main and you will South usa. Into the North america, although not, google search keeps less its assortment so you’re able to remote areas when you look at the Mexico, western U.S. wilderness section, south Florida and you may southwestern Canada, with regards to the Smithsonian Federal Zoological Park.

In lieu of most other cats, pumas do not reside in packages. They alive on their own when you look at the higher areas, which they mark having fun with urine or feces. Pumas is solitary pets for a good reason. Needed browse space discover enough restaurants to reside. Not all pumas is live in a 30-square-kilometer (78 rectangular kilometers) distance.

Pumas is actually crepuscular creatures. Continue reading