Red Pill Or Red-colored Tablet When it comes to Dating?

Let us rewind if you will. Remember the Matrix whenever Morpheus offers Keanu possibly the fresh new blue pill or perhaps the yellow tablet? If the he requires the brand new blue tablet, he extends back so you’re able to their painful, yet comfortable lives. But, if the the guy requires new yellow tablet, he reaches awaken hairless with no eye brows secured into the placenta. Then he will get unplugged on the Matrix.

My personal wife’s started gone most of the few days, therefore i got time to research the net into the heart circulation of your 21st millennium man. I discovered a great Reddit community named TheRedPill, and that refers to in itself once the a “talk out of sexual method in a people increasingly lacking a confident identity for males.” It’s an online community more than 56 thousand guys who’ve drawn the newest purple pill and you may unplugged out of public expectations of just what it means become men. Continue reading