Mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther-that it cat is known from the far more names than nearly any most other mammal!


What is actually during the a name? But whatever the your refer to it as, will still be the same pet, Puma concolor, the most significant of “brief pets.” Precisely how made it happen get so many brands? Mostly as it provides such as a huge range, and individuals off other countries has titled they something different.

Early Foreign-language explorers of North and you can South america called they leon (lion) and you may gato monte (cat of your own hill), of which we become title “hill lion.” “Puma” is the title the newest Incas gave it pet inside their code. “Cougar” appears to have come from an old Southern American indian phrase, cuguacuarana, which was shortened so you’re able to “cuguar” Dating Over 60 single site following spelled in a different way. And you may “panther” is actually a broad label getting kitties having solid-colored coats, this was utilized having black colored pumas in addition to black jaguars and you can black colored leopards. Continue reading