In an effective 1960 study of gay inmates, Ullman unearthed that these types of men discussed mothers who had been overly aggressive or hostile

For the a large number of male homosexuals, the brand new decisive character towards the mom was made because an “identification which have an enthusiastic aggressor,” which is, inside the men was basically a whole lot scared of the parents. (Fenichel, p.331)

Stoller noticed your mom from gay often failed to identify along with her individual mom. The girl partial personality into dad cause attitude regarding rage, envy, and fury, since she couldn’t become a kid. Since a moms and dad she actually is incapable endure manliness in her own man, because trigger this lady competitive and you may intense ideas. This means that this type of parents bolster its sons only if they are non-masculine or female. (Zucker 1995, p.231)

Tolerating Effeminacy

This new mother’s emotional troubles allow her to put up with otherwise reinforce this lady son’s cross-intercourse behavior. The kid grows a “fantasized other self” otherwise cross-sex habits just like the a safety provider and could become really reluctant to allow wade of them relaxing routines. Continue reading