Guys – your penis just appears like it will because of females . you’re pleasant

The human being dick is fairly strange. Spineless, boneless, heavy, flexible and with the capacity of long-lasting penetration a€“ it really is quite distinctive, no less than compared to our primate cousins. Nevertheless these traits didn’t create for the advantage of guys. Instead, its women that directed the development of the manhood.

Historical ladies thought we would mate with guys whose penises they recommended. In the long run, those conclusion resulted in the advancement of a penis that fitted the needs of women. Simply, all of our social selection had major evolutionary effects for male human anatomy.

This may seem to go against traditional wisdom. Of all the ways that guys change from lady a€“ beards, furry chests and strong sounds a€“ no element have typically served as an even more prominent expression of male superiority over females compared to dick. Continue reading