Intimate direction regarding adult sons out-of gay dads

Gay victims claimed significant reasons promoting them to getting mothers

The fresh intimate growth of college students out of gay and lesbian parents is fascinating for medical and you can societal causes. Regarding ads in the homosexual publications, 55 gay otherwise bisexual boys had been hired whom reported toward 82 sons at the very least 17 years of age. More ninety% away from sons whose sexual orientations is rated was in fact heterosexual. Additionally, homosexual and heterosexual sons did not differ to the possibly related details like the length of time they had stayed with regards to fathers. Show suggest that one environment influence of homosexual fathers on the sons’ sexual positioning is not highest. (PsycINFO Database List. Copyright © 2002 of the American Psychological Connection. Most of the legal rights kepted.)

Barrett, H., Tasker, F. (2001). Expanding with a homosexual father or mother: Viewpoints of 101 homosexual dads on the sons’ and you will daughters’ feel. Academic and you may Child Therapy, 18, 62-77.

The current study is the prominent yet to a target the sexual direction out of adult sons out of homosexual guys

In perspective of a glance at new literary works toward gay men moms and dads as well as their pupils, preliminary results try advertised off an excellent postal questionnaire out-of gay mothers recruited as a result of ads getting volunteers. Continue reading