Strategies for a-two-Line Stress-Heat Graph

Characteristics of your own the fresh zeotropic refrigerant blends are different than simply antique refrigerants, it’s beneficial to know how to read a-two-line PT chart.

Antique PT maps checklist the newest soaked refrigerant tension, when you look at the psig, having a column getting heat down the remaining side. Single-role refrigerants and you may azeotropes boil and you may condense in the one heat having certain stress. Therefore, just one line is required to tell you to display the stress-temperatures relationship when it comes to phase-changes processes for the a system. (pick Fig. 1)

The fresh attributes of your the latest zeotropic combines was quite distinct from the traditional refrigerants. Zeotropic blends move when you look at the constitution within the boiling hot otherwise condensing processes (come across Fig. 2) Once the merge alter stage, a lot more of you to definitely parts often transfer to additional stage less as compared to people.

Which home is called fractionation. The newest switching composition of your own drinking water grounds the boiling-point heat to shift as well. The entire shift out-of heat from region of the heat exchanger to the other is named the temperature glide. Zeotropic blends can not be laid out by the a single stress-temperatures relationship. The heat glide can cause various other viewpoints having temperatures during the a offered pressure, based on how much refrigerant was drinking water as well as how much was steam. Continue reading