6 ZUKO Would have been A much better Suits On her

8 It actually was A-one-SIDED Relationships

Whenever Aang was free of the iceberg he would already been caught up inside over the past hundred years, his first abdomen was to fall head-over-heels crazy having Katara. Yet not, she didn’t select anything the same exact way for a long period. Actually, within the whole show, the love is viewed using Aang’s lens with little enter in out-of Katara’s views into amount.

Indeed, she caused it to be obliquely obvious right from the start of your own collection that she saw Aang even more because a little cousin otherwise pseudo-guy in the place of a prospective love desire, a perspective one didn’t change up until very late. And also then, she was much more ashamed and baffled because of the Aang’s affections than mutual.

7 Its Romance Are Unnecessary

As they was in fact among the first pairs of inform you, Katara and you may Aang’s matchmaking was only worried about in the some off periods on unique show’s around three-season manage. And people periods tended to qualify weakened otherwise filler anywhere between more significant arcs. Total, its motorboat was not integrated with the story of the let you know, one another figuratively and you may thematically. You could get rid of all the Kataang blogs throughout the show and you may it would not alter something. Continue reading