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To possess resource, male and female betas was associate out of what are, within this universe, cis gents and ladies. For this reason, a male beta possess a penis, outside testicles, and you may an asshole, while a woman beta keeps a clitoris, a vulva and you can genitals, ovaries, a great womb, and you can an asshole.

The only real anatomical difference between male alphas and you may men betas is one to men alphas provides at the base of their knob an excellent bulbus glandis, and this grows during intercourse, locking the brand new leader inside of their partner. The new bulbus glandis are colloquially known as the brand new “knot”. People omegas was anatomically identical to people betas, but they are very different hormonally.

The alteration is marked by the enhanced pheromone creation and you will sensitiveness, and you will omega symptom can often be proclaimed of the its very first temperature, whether or not not necessarily

Women alphas and you can men omegas is the very alien to united states, because they per possess two sets of reproductive body organs: one another “male” and “female” body organs exists. Continue reading