Janis: [ discovering listing the major cliques during the high school ] You have got your own freshmen, ROTC men, preps, J

Five to you personally, Glenn Coco!

Mrs. George: Oh, Goodness, honey, no! What type of mother do you really believe I am? As to why, do you need a little bit? Since if you’re going to drink I would personally rather you do they inside your home.

Ms. Norbury: [ immediately following implying you to definitely an elder biker try the girl date ] I am joking. Often the elderly generate jokes too.

Damian: [ getting sweets canes ] Taylor Zimmermann, two to you. Glenn Coco? You decide to go, Glenn Coco. And uh. “Caddy” Heron. Will we enjoys an excellent “Caddy” Heron right here?

Cady: [ voiceover ] I familiar with envision there is merely body weight and you can thin. However, seem to there are many points that should be incorrect for the the body.

Mentor Carr: At the decades, you’re have a number of appetite. You will must stop the clothes, and you may reach each other. But when you do contact both, you *will* get chlamydia. and die.

Cady: And they have so it book, it burn publication, in which they establish mean reasons for all of the girls in our amounts.

[ Gretchen gets to Karen's home, using a cat suit that have pet ears. Karen's into the a lean brief top ]

Mr. Duvall: Never inside my 14 ages because the an instructor possess We viewed for example decisions. Continue reading