7 Signs You May Be Sexually Incompatible With Your Partner

Sexual incompatibility can range from a minor annoyance for some couples to the death-knell of a relationship for others. No matter what value you place on chemistry in the bedroom, though, the general rule is that if a problem is ignored, it grows in significance and leads to increased anger and resentment on both sides. If the following issues describe your relationship with your partner, I encourage you to start an open discussion with them about the role of sex and sexual compatibility within your relationship.

1. Your Partner Finds Sex “Silly” or “Unimportant”

When couples have a disparity in sex drives, that is one dilemma. The troubles really start, however, when one partner dismisses or discredits the other’s need for sex. If you are thinking your partner would even take issue with the idea of sex being a “need,” that mindset likely points to a problem.

2. Your Partner’s Preferences Are Distasteful to You

If your partner likes to be tied up and it isn’t really your thing, but you can roll with it sometimes, then you are good to go. But if the idea of strapping down your partner is disgusting and debasing in your mind, then you likely will only find the kink more disturbing as time goes on. This misalignment in sexual preferences can lead to a rift in the relationship.

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