The pace regarding effusion out-of unknown gasoline X is positioned to help you getting regarding the step 1

AP Biochemistry

5 times that of SF6 fuel (MW=146 g/mol) at the same criteria away from temperature and you may pressure. What is the unit weight out of gasoline X? Answer in tools from grams/mol

When the device between the dos.00-L light bulb, in which the gasoline tension is 2.00 automatic teller machine, additionally the 3.00-L light bulb, where in fact the fuel pressure is actually 4.fifty atm, is unsealed, exactly what will function as the final pressure throughout the one or two bulbs? Suppose heat stays

Advance Biochemistry

Several specifications are available to help you dictate the fresh molar mass out of an unidentified fuel. Earliest, a giant flask try evacuated and discovered so you can consider g. It is up coming full of the latest gas so you’re able to a pressure away from 735 torr at the 30°C and you may

Technology assist pleaseeeee.

A fuel keeps a volume of 4.twenty five m3 at the a temperature regarding 95.0°C and a stress of 1.05 automatic teller machine. Exactly what heat often the newest energy has actually from the a stress of 1.58 atm and you will a quantity of dos.46 m3? A. 356°C B. 82.7°C C. 47.5°C D. 321°C

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According to Boyle’s law, the pressure p out of a condensed gasoline is inversely proportional so you can the volume, v. When the a stress regarding 20 pounds each square inch is available whenever the volume of fuel try five hundred cubic in, what’s the pressure whenever

A-1.44-g shot off an as yet not known natural gasoline occupies a number of 0.336 L within a force of just one.00 automatic teller machine and you can a fever away from 100.0 stages Celsius. Continue reading