The fresh new tweet-ids allow for the brand new collection of tweets throughout the Fb API that are older than 9 weeks (i

Your website Footnote 2 was applied as a way to gather tweet-ids Footnote step three , this site will bring boffins that have metadata of a good (third-party-collected) corpus off Dutch tweets (Tjong Kim Sang and you can Van den Bosch, 2013). age., the new historic maximum whenever asking for tweets centered on a quest ask). The brand new R-plan ‘rtweet’ and you will complementary ‘lookup_status’ form were used to gather tweets inside JSON format. The fresh JSON file constitutes a table towards tweets’ guidance, for instance the development big date, brand new tweet text, and origin (i.age., sorts of Myspace customer).

Investigation tidy up and preprocessing

The JSON Footnote 4 files were converted into an R data frame object. Non-Dutch tweets, retweets, and automated tweets (e.g., forecast-, advertisement-relatea, and traffic-related tweets) were removed. In addition, we excluded tweets based on three user-related criteria: (1) we removed tweets that belonged to the top 0.5 percentile of user activity because we considered them non-representative of the normal user population, such as pages who created more than 2000 tweets within four weeks. (2) Tweets from users with early access to the 280 limit were removed. (3) Tweets from users who were not represented in both pre and post-CLC datasets were removed, this procedure women looking for sugar daddy in Chelsea Massachusetts ensured a consistent user sample over time (within-group design, Nusers = 109,661). Continue reading