Meg Harry ‘hiring’ Around three producers having Archewell podcast

It has been said you to definitely Prince Harry and you may Meghan Markle try trying to find about three the newest companies because of their Archewell audio podcast.

Podcaster Rachel Bowie says you to definitely Prince Harry and you may Meghan searching for for someone having feel coping with “high-profile” women, with a high from inside the social activism and you will common people – alongside getting ready for a number of recordings.

Rachel Bowie, server out of Royally Preoccupied, said: “We’ve been watching recently which they [Archewell tunes] are choosing that it seems like one thing was probably happens with one to.

“Most of us have started particular waiting to enjoys Harry and you can Meghan back in our very own ears, and they posted this week that they’re looking for a great party from three providers to your workplace toward a unique per week reveal for Archewell tunes that can ability large-character females.

“The responsibility is because they need to prep towards server having tracks, have experience working with higher-profile skill on the demand for new intersection out-of social activism and you will prominent society. Continue reading