Offered their salacious name and you can backstory, Psychology‘s “Sleeping That have a pal” is relatively tame

“The song’s maybe not very intimate – that’s the type of intercourse song I’m sure how exactly to write. Such, I’m not Prince,” Glenn states having a laugh. In which he has never advised the song’s topic throughout the their larger coming aside. “We’re not very as near even as we was previously, thus i have no idea if I’ll tune in to from your.”

This new doo-wop-tasting “Teen in love” are passionate by the guy Glenn pined immediately following for a few years, while maintaining a two-year connection with a woman he’d fixed so you’re able to wed

Hitting one of is own mischievous grins, he extends away a beneficial inked sleeve and you will adds, “It would be curious if i rating a contact.”

G lenn and you can Neon Woods beginner guitarist Chris Allen was indeed young people neighbors when you look at the Murrieta, a hillcrest suburb recognized for its high Mormon people and you may scenic vineyards – to this day, Glenn keeps a surfer-dude look and proclivity on the word “stoked” which is straight-upwards South California. The second off four pupils produced so you can a stay-at-household mother and you may a father who marketed medical devices, Glenn grew up loving pop a-listers instance Michael Jackson and you can Paula Abdul and you can taking ballet kinds. Continue reading